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Cooking with Kids: Soft Pretzels

Cooking with Kids: Soft Pretzels

Cooking with Kids: A Summer Series

One of our bucket list items to do as a family this summer is to get the kids more involved in cooking. There are important skills to be learned in the kitchen. Following directions, measuring, stirring, and patience to name a few. So, we started off our summer series with a soft pretzel recipe from An Oregon Cottage. This recipe seemed simple enough, but if I am honest, I chose it because I had all of the ingredients on hand and didn’t have to run to the store!

We started out by printing the recipe so that we could all follow along. Then we gathered our supplies and ingredients and got to measuring and mixing! I do have to note that this recipe called for a stand mixer, which I got as a wedding shower gift, but it still lives at my parents’ house because I don’t have the room for it. So I used my hand mixer, and I think that we hit a snag because of it.

Sticky Soft Pretzels

Marsh measured and added the yeast to the bowl first. Adelaide added the salt. I heard somewhere to keep the salt and yeast separate, so we did do that. Then our neighbor Olivia added the honey. I measured and poured the warm water and Olivia started mixing. We all took turns measuring the 4 cups of flour, while I kept the hand mixer going. It became very clear by the 3rd cup of flour that my mixer wasn’t going to keep up, but we kept going anyway.

We followed all of the directions but ended up needing to add additional flour by hand, because the mix was sooooo sticky. The kids thought it was like playing with slime! The recipe promised this was a “no knead, no rise” recipe, but because of the mixer situation, we did knead in the extra flour to make it manageable.

Finally, the kids got to shape their pretzels. This is the fun part! After they shaped them and placed them on the cookie sheet, I gave them a quick egg wash and sprinkled them with salt before popping them in the oven. 15 minutes later, we had delicious soft pretzels!

Stay Tuned for More Cooking with Kids

Would we do this again? Absolutely. We might try a different soft pretzel recipe to compare. In fact, look for more posts about the recipes we’ll be making this summer with our kids.

What recipes have you tried with your kids? Share your comments with us and tell us what would make for a perfect summer recipe to share with our own kids. As always, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share this content with all of your winey parent friends!

Enjoying the End of the School Year

I love the end of the year, because I love seeing the changes that have come from my students, knowing they’re ready for the next level. This year, like many other years, I was blessed to be able to watch the learning transformation occur.

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