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Summer Recipes for the Kids

Summer Recipes for the Kids
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Recipes Our Kids Will Love to Make

We’ve got plenty of plans this summer, including our very own Bucket List, and we want to stay on top of that huge list. So, one way we can do that is by talking about some of the things we plan on doing. That means we’re going to share some summer recipes that we’ll make with the kids, because we think they’ll not only love eating it, but they’ll enjoy the baking process too.

We’ve scoured our Pinterest feeds looking for a ton of different summer recipes for the kids and we’re going to share what we found. We made sure to grab recipes for appetizers, baked goods, desserts, and coffee, because even though the kids don’t drink coffee, we need our daily fix!

So, here we go. Check out some Pinterest recipes we found that our kids are sure to enjoy making this summer. Okay, okay, we also included some summer recipes that are only for us winey parents.

Breakfast and Baked Goods

Appetizers and Main Dishes

Just Desserts

Coffee and Beverages for Adults

Share Your Favorite Summer Recipes

What are your favorite summer recipes that you or your kids enjoy? Share your thoughts with us and keep tabs on our Pinterest page where we are always on the lookout for amazing recipes.

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