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Summer Playground Series: Annie’s Playground

Summer Playground Series: Annie’s Playground

We Start the Summer Playground Series

The summer is here and we’ve started our adventures in parenting to travel the state of Maryland in search of many a playgrounds. So, this past week we planned our first outing and made a pretty solid day of it. We drove to Fallston, Maryland, approximately an hour north of our home in Baltimore, and we headed to Annie’s Playground.

Annie's Playground

Annie’s Playground is a large space for kids of all ages that has a lot to do for kids. A large section of this playground resembles a treehouse, which the kids LOVED, and it includes several enclosed slides at different levels within its tree. When you see Annie’s Playground, it’s a little intimidating from a parent’s perspective, because it is massive and there’s a lot of materials used to construct this treehouse and other parts of the play area. So, it was a little stressful at times trying to keep an eye on our kids, plus we had a friend’s daughter with us too.

Meghan and I both went to this playground and we double teamed the playground. Meaning, we would be on opposite sides of play areas like the treehouse where kids could go in one side, somewhat disappear, and then come out the other end. As a parent, it’s always stressful when I lose line-of-sight with my kids, but that did not take away from all three kids having a blast. We did tell them to stick together, and sometimes we had to remind the others to keep tabs on Marshall, but overall, they did a great job.

Hours of Fun

Along with slides, this place has balancing obstacles, monkey bars, swings, and a lot of different passageways to get in and around the playground. The only thing I noticed that wasn’t available to play with was one slide that had been boarded up to prevent kids from sliding down. Other than that, there were various places to sit, including a pavilion that we used for the lunches we brought with us. We arrived around 10:15am and stayed for about two hours, including our lunch break. We were fortunate to have overcast early, with a lot of wind, because once the sunshine came out, the kids seemed to heat up quickly.

For future visits, we definitely recommend packing a lunch. It gave the kids a nice break to catch their breath and get some of that energy back that they burned through. Also, there’s a very cool replica fire engine play area for kids 2 through 5, with slides and a place to sit and drive the fire truck. In addition to the kids having fun, it’s easy for parents to understand the benefit of visiting such a place. There are a couple fields available where we saw some families playing soccer and others flying kites. Although we weren’t feeling adventurous, they do list various walking trails nearby.

Also, the walking surface of this playground was very cushiony. Yes, there are standard walking paths and bridges connecting one play area to another, but a good portion of the area is covered by recycled tire chips. So, if your kid likes to run full force and trips onto the ground, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a lot easier on them than being at home on the sidewalk.

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A for Annie's Playground

Rating this park is pretty easy. There are plenty of options for kids to stay active for a decent amount of time. The only items as a parent that make Annie’s Playground not get an A+ rating is the distance traveled for us and the slight stress of losing sight of the kids at times. If you live in the Maryland area, check out their site for directions.

As far as the kids are concerned, they already want to go back to this place and they’ve mentioned it (again) on more than one occasion. Will we return to this playground? Yes. Will it be this summer? We’re not sure, because we have a lot more ground to cover as we continue into summer.

Oh, about that bucket list we made earlier this year, it looks like we’re doing a pretty good job so far. Keep tabs on our summer adventures as we continue to explore more playgrounds and then share them with you. Do you have a favorite playground in your hometown? Share your thoughts with us below or head over to Facebook to follow us and start conversations with other winey parents.

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