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DIY 12 Days of Christmas Wine Calendar

DIY 12 Days of Christmas Wine Calendar

DIY and Reusable Wine Calendar

You may have seen the 25-day wine advent calendar I made recently. Even though we’re already in December, it’s not too late for a DIY wine calendar! My amazing IA (instructional assistant) for my pre-k classroom has made a variation on the DIY wine advent calendar. Her version is a bit more reusable than mine, so you can refill and reuse next year. She started by making a trip to the dollar store.

The dollar store near her had mini wine bottle tubes. She picked up wine tubes, some wrapping paper, ribbon, gift tags, and battery-operated lights to string around the finished product. These supplies cost less than $20. Then she headed to the wine store and picked up some mini wine bottles. This part was just over $20. So the total cost to make a wine calendar was just over $40 (that’s great!). And remember, you can reuse it next year!

Now, here are 4 easy steps to make your own DIY wine calendar.

Step 1

Beth wrapped all the tubes in wrapping paper so they matched the holiday festive feel she was going for. Make sure you take the lids off so they can still be removed to get to your wine!

Step 2

Once all the tubes are wrapped, use your hot glue gun to secure the tubes together.

Step 3

Start decorating your advent calendar when all of your tubes are stacked and glued together. This is where you can really have some fun with your DIY wine calendar. You can choose whatever decorations you want! Beth used ribbon and colorful lights to decorate.

Step 4

Fill that bad boy with your mini bottles of wine! As you replace the lids to the containers, you may also want to place some gift tags with numbers on it. If you didn’t want to do gift tags, you could write numbers on the lids, but I think the tags look nice and festive.

Your Very Own DIY 12 Days of Christmas Wine Calendar

I think the finished product looks amazing, and I love how it’s reusable. So, if you are interested in making a 12 days of Christmas wine calendar, follow her steps and let us know how it turned out. Side note, she originally planned to use 2 of the tubes to make a tree trunk at the bottom, but then wasn’t sure how to get it to stand upright, so if you figure that part out, PLEASE let us know!

She also completed this project on a school night and she made 2 of them! A very lucky friend will be getting one as a gift. So, if you know someone else who loves wine, maybe consider this homemade gift that is sure to be a hit!

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