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Best Bourbon Drink: 3 Simple Ingredients

Best Bourbon Drink: 3 Simple Ingredients

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Bourbon: It’s That Simple

The best bourbon drink, much like most cocktails, is so easy to make. If you enjoy simplicity with your adult beverages, then you’ll be glad to know my Winey Parent favorite is as simple as pouring a bottle into a glass.

As for the type of bourbon, I have some favorites, including a budget-friendly option that still tastes delightful in its simplest form.

My love of this bourbon should not be understated. It is the ultimate drink that ranks above the rest. Though, I will gladly do a blind tasting against other bourbons to see if my opinion still holds true (😉). As I continue to try different bourbons as I get older, this is the one I continue to return to.

Kentucky Gentleman

After leaving Virginia for Maryland in 2011 to get married, and the budget-friendly bourbon of Colonel’s Pride, I tried a few bourbons until I stayed with Kentucky Gentleman. This bourbon is smooth and a 1.75L handle is less than $15. When it comes to enjoying a short glass of bourbon, this brand will not break the bank.

Simple Bourbon Drink Recipe

3 Ingredients:

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Grab Your Favorite Bourbon (Basil Hayden for me)
  2. Grab A Short Glass With Ice
  3. Pour Over Ice

Perfect Bourbon Complements

It’s so simple, you might think these instructions wouldn’t be necessary. It’s safe to say not everyone enjoys drinking their spirits without any additional ingredients. If you’re looking for additional tips on enhancing your bourbon experience, consider adding a splash of water or ginger ale to your drink. For those who enjoy bourbon or looking to try it for the first time, water will cut the initial bite. Add ginger ale to add a level of sweetness to your drink that also reduces the heat.

Ice or No Ice

Many might argue my use of ice, instead of enjoying bourbon neat. I do try all new bourbons without ice, but if I’m going to pour a short glass, I use ice to reduce the chances of this Winey Parent getting any semblance of heart burn. That’s right, ice not only makes my bourbon refreshing, it serves an important purpose for me. It reminds me that I’m getting older and bourbon does not like me nearly as much as it used to.

Other Drink Recipes

One might not need to do anything other than pour a glass of wine, champagne, or bourbon (my three favorites). But, if you have a favorite drink recipe, share it with us in the comments below.

Whatever your drink of choice, please drink responsibly.

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