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Haircut Gone Wrong Goes Right?

Haircut Gone Wrong Goes Right?

Oh, Holy Haircut Gone Wrong

There’s no sugar coating about it. I f***ed up my kid’s hair. You might call it a haircut gone wrong. Yeah, I definitely had that happen today. His hair had gotten a bit long and he wanted a haircut. It’s absolutely a reasonable request. I’ve cut his hair several times at this point. I have done semi-buzz cuts. Simple trims. I’ve also given him two types of mohawks. One where the mohawk goes all the way down. The other where it’s just on the top of his head.

Well, he wanted his sides semi-buzzed, while keeping his hair on top pretty much the same. Well, a trim at least. So, since his hair was a bit longer, I decided to use a bigger guard on the trimmer to help get through it all. It was a big help. But – and it’s a big but – when I switched back to the smaller guard I normally use, I forgot to switch the settings. So, I went in to clean up above the sideburns’ region and holy crap I just buzzed that section basically down to skin.

Oh. My. God.

Feelings of guilt overwhelmed me instantly. I told Marshall what I’d done right away and apologized. Plus, I gave him options on how I could get around it. This was important, because I wanted him to know that there are ways to move forward. To rectify the idiocy that was and is me. Yes, it’s a mistake that comes with never using multiple guards, but it’s a mistake all the same. Options: continue the haircut and leave that spot as is, do the exact same thing on the other side to match, or buzz all the way around to make it uniform all the way.

His Reaction Rocks

As I was telling him the options, I gave him a small mirror to show him what it looked like. He seemed to like it. Plus, big sister was right there watching and saying, “It looks really good.” And, you know what, he said that he likes it. Did I get lucky? How is this possible?

He didn’t get upset. He didn’t shout that this was a haircut gone wrong. He took a breath and thought about his options. He asked for me to just do the same thing on the other side to match. This little dude had every reason to be upset. Hell, I was upset. I was so uptight my jaw started to lock. But he was as cool as a cucumber. So proud of him and super thankful. It’s also equally amazing to have a big sister be encouraging and compliment how good he looks.

What felt like a nightmare turned into just another regular haircut. So, instead of feeling the potential repercussions of a haircut gone wrong, it was not a big deal at all.

Oh, also, if he asks me to have a matching haircut, I’ll make sure to post pictures.

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