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Survivor Season 40 Episode 11 Highlights

Survivor Season 40 Episode 11 Podcast

One of the most stunning episodes of television takes place in Survivor Season 40 Episode 11. Travis recaps the episode and it’s all about Tony Vlachos.

Stay tuned for more coverage beyond Survivor Season 40 Episode 11. If you want to tell us your thoughts on the season, send us a comment over on Facebook and Twitter.

Fringe Recap: Season 1 Episode 6

Travis breaks down an episode of Fringe, discussing the amazing story and Olivia's backstory.

A Week in the Life of a Winey Parent

It's been a difficult time recently. So, we're sharing a week in our life to hopefully share how we're trying to make everything okay.

Stay at Home Activities: Art with Kids

It's amazing to see our kids being creative. So, we dive into what it looks like when we take part in their creative world.

Special Notes

We understand this is a difficult time as we are all dealing with a scary pandemic. Meghan created a daily schedule for our kids, which is listed below (linked to article). So, use or tweak what works best for your family. We’re also going to be giving lighthearted updates on our status, with the main hope it helps you smile or laugh during such trying times. You can watch these video updates over on our Winey Parent YouTube channel.

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