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Jack Johnson is a Car Ride Saint

Jack Johnson is a Car Ride Saint

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Voice of an Angel

Okay, parents, you know what it’s like to ride in the car with a cranky baby, right? Well, Marshall did not like riding in the car seat as a baby, and I don’t blame him. He had awful indigestion that required him to take medication and add oatmeal to his bottles. The poor guy did not seem to have an easy first few months – and it was heartbreaking knowing he was so miserable.

Now, the car rides seemed to be hit or miss. Sometimes, we could get him into the car, asleep, and we’d make it home in time before he noticed what happened. On the other times, he would get so upset. But, we found a secret weapon that we put into effect every single time he would get any type of fussy in the car.

The Magic Album

Jack Johnson, I’m looking at you. Your album, From Here to Now to You, was Marshall’s saving grace for car rides. We only listened to this album in the car. And, if he got cranky at all, we played the 8th track, “You Remind Me of You.” It worked every single time (except once). I don’t recall the reason behind that one time, but every other cry was reduced to pure silence when that song played in the car.

You, Jack Johnson, are a savior.

To all of our friends. To everyone reading this blog. BUY THIS ALBUM! If it even works half of the time it did for us, you will be so happy to know your baby has been soothed by the sweet, sweet voice of Jack Johnson.

Now, if that isn’t a reason to raise a glass and celebrate, I have no clue what is.

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