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Prepping a Birthday Party with Rain in the Forecast

Prepping a Birthday Party with Rain in the Forecast

We’re celebrating our daughter’s 6th birthday this weekend, and what do you know? It’s supposed to RAIN! Never mind there are supposed to be about 20 small people and 20 big people (aka-adults) coming to my house on Saturday. Never mind the plan was for all the small people to spend the majority of the time outside playing and running around. Mother Nature seems to think that we need MORE rain. Never mind we’ve been trapped indoors most of the year due to rain, and when it wasn’t raining, the backyard was too swampy or too mosquito infested to enjoy it. No, Mother Nature, you are a sick, sick woman and you decided to show a 10-day forecast with no rain, EXCEPT for the day of Adelaide’s birthday party.

So, what’s a mom or dad to do, but pour some wine and head over to Pinterest for ideas to occupy 20 children and adults for 3 hours, all while crammed in like sardines. We did it earlier this year for Marshall’s 4th birthday and that led to an amazing game of “pin the tail on the dog.” The tails ended up looking like something you’d find at a bachelorette party, but the kids didn’t know better and it provided some tears of laughter for the adults!

Adelaide wants a Halloween themed party, so there’s plenty to search on Pinterest. Pin the spider on the web, bobbing for apples (though I don’t want water all over my hardwoods, so we will hang marshmallows from strings and see what happens!), spider races, pumpkin bowling, the list is endless. BUT, I don’t really feel like making a bunch of games and spending a bunch of money on activities that will last 5 minutes tops, except that marshmallow one, because I can see that being entertaining! So, I printed out some masks to color, will blow up some balloons, and pray the kids don’t wreck my house, all while enjoying a nice glass of wine. Stay tuned for a post on how this party turned out…and keep your fingers crossed the forecast changes and all those people can be outside!

Those are supposed to be tails?
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