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Trick-or-Treating Plan B

Trick-or-Treating Plan B

The Day Has Arrived

Meghan and I have had an extremely busy past few weeks. As all parents will understand, it is overwhelming at times to get through the laundry list of things to do. Then you throw in extracurriculars, getting support to handle bullying at school, play dates, Halloween ComicFest, and of course, getting ready for Halloween.

We want to take a brief moment just to remind all our parents out there to breathe. There are times when it seems like the weekend is light years away or every day feels like it should be the next day. When this day does come to an end, you’ll be happy to know that your kids had an amazing trick-or-treating experience. Well, if the forecast of thunderstorms doesn’t hold true. So, what do we do if it does thunderstorm?

Trick-or-Treating Alternatives

So, you know all of that candy you bought to hand out to other kids that go trick-or-treating? Well, turn it into a fun game – like an Easter Egg Hunt. Hide candy all throughout the house. Yes, they won’t get the same experience of running into friends or showing off their amazing costumes, but they will get something out of it. And, by the way, our kids LOVE Easter Egg Hunts, so I know they’ll love hunting for Halloween candy. If your trick-or-treating plans do go awry, creating something fun in your own home is a possibility. You could also play games. Each kid earns a piece of candy for playing a game, and if they win, they’ll earn an extra piece. This would add an extra component of doing something together as a family.

Another option would be to check your local businesses. In our case, our town is having a trick-or-treating experience for kids. So, they stop by and get some candy, just like your typical neighborhood trick-or-treating, but in this case, you might be able to avoid torrential downpours, if the businesses have some cover from the storms.

Happy Halloween!

Meghan and I hope everyone has a very fun and safe Halloween. If your plans somehow get bamboozled, then do a Halloween candy hunt or find another way to bring some excitement to your kid’s (favorite) day.

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