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Survivor Season 40 Episode 5 Highlights

Survivor Season 40 Episode 5 Podcast

Travis is back to share his thoughts on the latest episode of Survivor. He shares a draft update, three highlights, and a prediction for next week. Though, for Survivor Season 40 Episode 5, there was only one true highlight.

Stay tuned for more coverage beyond Survivor Season 40 Episode 5. Travis will be back with more podcast episodes you are bound to enjoy or fall asleep to. If you do enjoy this podcast episode, please make sure to share this article or video over on Facebook and Twitter.

A Winey Parent Take on FRINGE

Our podcast is expanding! Travis covers one of his favorite TV shows as he dives into the pilot episode of Fringe.

Survivor Season 40 Draft Picks

Meghan's team is ANYTHING YOU CAN DO I CAN DO BETTER. Travis' team is MY WIFE IS RIGHT. I think we all know who's going to win this season.

Survivor Season 40 Episode 4

Travis actually makes a prediction this week that pans out in Week 5. He doesn't expect it to happen again this season.

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