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What in the Heat Wave Are You Doing?!

What in the Heat Wave Are You Doing?!

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I Just Can't with This Heat

If you live on the East coast, like us, then you have just endured a heat wave like we haven’t seen in several years. You probably didn’t get outside much, and your kids were probably testing the limits of their surroundings and creativity. Our kids, and a few of our friends’ kids that we were watching last week (5 kids in all) were coming up with all sorts of creative games to play indoors.

Ghost tag: where you put a blanket over your head and run around trying to tag others. This did not end well. Imagine the “BANG” sound effects popping up as they crashed into things.

Bed to wall: where, you guessed it, the kids run from the day bed to the wall and jump on the bed. This also did not end well because we have a ledge running around the entire basement play area that is perfectly placed to do maximum damage.

You're Doing What Now?

Zombie tag: where the tagger closes his eyes and pretends to be a zombie to catch their friends. Remember how well ghost tag went? Well, eyes closed or covered with a blanket end in the same way, in case you were wondering.

Hit each other with Mardi Gras beads: now this one might be the most “creative” one yet. I like to call it, “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS?!” It also resulted in some sweet welts and lots of tears while we iced down both kids on the living room floor. (hmmm…maybe they were doing all this just to get iced down during the heat wave?!)

Clearly, they didn’t realize something so light and tiny could do any kind of damage. So, we explained how lucky they were that they didn’t hit each other somewhere else other than their backs. Essentially, it was a new way for them to play tag and then they quickly realized the mistake when they hit each other too hard. I think every parent can relate when the rule, “No hitting,” isn’t followed and we have to sit them down for a family talk to remind them.

Not Down with the Heat Wave

This heat wave week really had us questioning our parenting skills, but it also showed us that kids are pretty ingenious. Now we just need to work on being creative without hurting each other, over, and over again.

It wasn’t all dangerous or crazy play. We watched TV, went to see dollar movies, did some cooking activities, some STEAM activities with Green Kid Crafts, read books, went to the library at school, and one day we even went to the pool.

How did your kids survive the heat wave? Did they come up with any ridiculous games that made you question their thought processes? Please share (It will help us feel better about our own skills)!!!

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