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Messy Eaters: We Know How the Cookie Crumbles

Messy Eaters: We Know How the Cookie Crumbles

They Will Act Their Age and It's Okay

Meghan and I are parents of two not-so-little ones. One is six going into First Grade, the other just turned five going into Kindergarten, and they’re both messy eaters. Although, they both appear nine and eight going into high school. Holy crap. I wish I were joking, but our kids, if they were in a band, would be in They Might Be Giants.

They are so big and so smart and it’s easy to forget one simple thing – they are only five and six. As a reminder to any parents that sometimes feel the pressures of making sure your kids are always being safe and healthy and following the rules, remember these younger years represent a huge learning curve. But also, for me, it’s always important to let them act their ages. Especially during the summer months, let them run around crazy outside. Watch them be silly around the water sprinklers. Be prepared to catch them in the pool as they jump toward you trying to splash every ounce of water onto your face.

Yep, Messy Eaters...Always

So, when there are moments from your kids when they eat food like their hands are tied behind their backs, and ketchup or frosting or whatever else ends up on their cheeks, forehead, hair, or ears, don’t forget their silliness is part of being young at heart. Okay, so, they might’ve learned about licking their plate from someone else in the family…uh, don’t look at me. Yeah, it’s me.

Anyway, as we approach the 4th of July and there are going to be tons of finger foods, remember it’s okay if they’re messy or silly or just anything that resembles that loving young child that you LOVE more than anything else in the world. So, when they eat sticky ribs, hot dogs or hamburgers covered in ketchup and mustard, buttered corn on the cob, strawberry shortcakes with whipped cream, ice cream cones, and any other food item you can imagine that rhymes with smeared all over the place, then just remember that your kids love you to the moon and back.

More Messy Foods

Speaking of messy eaters, our Cooking with Kids series will be back next week with a fabulous taco recipe that we found on Pinterest. FYI – the kids LOVED them!

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