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Celebrating Our Daughter’s Year in Kindergarten

Celebrating Our Daughter’s Year in Kindergarten

A Year in Kindergarten in the Blink of an Eye

We attended Adelaide’s end of the year celebration for kindergarten. Yep, she’s wrapping up her first year in elementary school and it’s blowing our minds! When and how did our kids grow up so fast? Has anyone else felt like this? It seems like the months are flying by and before you know it, our kids are almost as tall as 5th graders. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but seriously, our kids, especially Adelaide are not far off.

As Meghan and I waited in our car, because we arrived early, we talked about how much our daughter has grown and matured during the past school year. Her confidence is more apparent. She’s constantly asking to read to us. And, she really seems to love school and being an active member of her class. We hope she continues this positive take on being in school, learning more and more each and every day, and we hope she wants to continue to keep learning.

The Unavoidable Curve Ball

Of course, life as a parent is never easy. In fact, as we were waiting to walk into her school, we got a text from Marshall’s daycare that he’s spiked a fever. First, we’re so grateful that it was only a tiny blip in our daycare provider’s day, as she provided him with medicine that brought his fever down while we were at the ceremony. Then, Meghan went to teach in the afternoon and I took the little guy to the doctor’s office. Granted, we could’ve waited to see if the fever was just a one-day thing, but he was complaining about multiple things at once and the overload button kicked into gear for us.

So, that was on the back of our minds as we attended baby girl’s big day – and she was so excited to have both of us there with her. She gave us HUGE hugs when we arrived at her classroom. If you need a reason to love your child even more, then wait until you show up to her classroom and all rules fly out the window when she jumps up from reading time and runs toward you. It really is a “maybe I am doing a pretty good job at this parenting thing” moment.

Cherishing the First School Year in Kindergarten

If your kid is wrapping up their first year in school, or you’ve already experienced it, what was that moment like for you and your kid? As for us, we were both excited to be there for Adelaide. We knew how much she wanted us both to be there, so having the chance to make that happen was great. After the end of the first school year, has anyone taken their kids on any fun trips or done anything to celebrate this occasion as a family? Let us know in the comments below or share your thoughts with us over on Facebook.

Recipes for the Kids (and the Adults)

We can't wait to bake more with the kids, but we also make sure to find recipes on Pinterest for mommy and daddy.

It's Never Too Early to Prep for the Next School Year

I am here to let you in on a little secret—kids learn through play! So let your kids play this summer. Throw in some meaningful play that requires them to think and follow directions. I can’t stress enough how important it is to follow directions!

Water Play for the Win!

Kids these days have so many options when it comes to sprinklers, and they are relatively inexpensive, so check them out!

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