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Slime is Good for Smiles

Slime is Good for Smiles

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Slime Your Troubles Away

Are you cranky? Does your patience seemed to be tapped out recently? Do you need a reason for your family to sit down and have fun together? Does this sound like a late-night infomercial? Well, you’re in luck! This is not a late-night infomercial and we have the perfect activity that your entire family will love.

That’s right. Who would’ve ever guessed these words are about to be uttered out of my mouth? Slime is magical. Adelaide’s birthday was this month and her birthday party (Scooby Doo-themed) was a huge success. Not only did Adelaide get a ton of great new books, toys, and some pretty hip clothes (yes, I said hip), she also received a GIGANTIC slime kit. She wanted to play with it instantly. There was no tomorrow. It was now, please. So, fast forward a week when she could take advantage of a less crowded table, the box gets opened.

Sweet Child O' Slime

Let’s be honest, the idea of making a gooey mess doesn’t fill my heart with joy. It makes me nervous about the holy terror of glitter that is about to be unleashed onto the world. Fortunately, this kit is made ready to go. The slime is already made in individual containers and there are a ton of sparkly options to add to the goo. Meghan is a genius and she put down a tray to contain as much of the glitter as possible. This really helped provide a defined space for Adelaide to smush all of it together. Once she finished, we passed the tray over to her brother to do the same thing.

So, big props to my sister for giving this gift to Adelaide. The kids had an absolute blast. They were smashing it, covering their hand, and stretching it like there was no tomorrow. The kids were literally standing on chairs to see how far they could stretch it. Adelaide actually touched the light fixture with it. I know, it’s surprising that my “don’t stand on chairs” feelings didn’t get expressed verbally, so I’ll take a point for letting my kids be kids. Something, admittedly, I need to do a better job at.

This was a perfect gift. Adelaide mixed blue and purple together, and then added some glitter. She let Marshall have the sparkling (and less sticky) yellow and he chose larger confetti to mix in. The result was at least an hour of them smashing, stretching, and squeezing it into containers and laughing at the “fart” noises. They were very happy with their noises.

Don't You (Forget About Slime)

If you’re looking for an excuse to sit back and laugh with your kids, then buy some slime! It’s a great reminder that just being present with them is the perfect recipe for being happy. Yes, there is some cleanup afterwards, but they cleaned up most of the mess. They put all of the goo back into their containers and made sure not to miss much. A few sprays of Thieves cleaner and our table was good as new. To be clear, it really wasn’t that messy.

What are your favorite experiences with slime? Do you have an “uh oh” story that you want to share instead? Go for it! Plus, don’t forget to follow us on our adventures on social media (links below), and please share this with all of your winey parent friends.

Until next time, go slime yourself.

Looking for the Greatest Hits of the Slime

If you’re looking for more of the top hits, look no further. (And if you haven’t noticed, the last two subtitles are play on words for songs, and I’m using an infomercial voiceover). We’ve got all of your favorite slime hits. (This means replacing a word in a favorite song to make your own creation). So, here are your favorite hits from the ’80s.

  • Let's Hear It for the Slime
  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of Slime)
  • Every Slime You Take
  • Total Eclipse of the Slime
  • Rhythm of the Slime
  • Slime After Slime
  • You Give Slime a Bad Name
  • Cuts Like a Slime
  • (I've Had) The Time of My Slime
  • Crazy Thing Called Slime
  • With or Without Slime
  • When the Going Gets Tough, the Slime Get Going
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the Slime

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