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Combatting the “I’m Bored” Phase This Summer

Combatting the “I’m Bored” Phase This Summer

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How to Handle "I'm Bored"

It’s every parents’ favorite whine: “I’m bored!” Every kid says it, and every parent cringes at least once in their lifetime when they hear it. Who am I kidding, we hear it at least once a day around here!

This summer, I am going to try something new. I’m going to make an “I’m bored jar.” You may be thinking “that’s not a new idea!” but I am going to fill my jar with a combination of fun things and chores to do around the house. You roll the dice when you tell mommy “I’m bored!” So, you might get something like ‘make a paper airplane and see whose plane flies the farthest,’ or you might get ‘help with the laundry.’ The kids are old enough now that they can do some basic chores around the house and the “I’m bored jar” will help force them into doing it. It might also force Travis and I to get some things done around the house this summer.

The I'm Bored List

So, here’s what I’m thinking I will put in the “I’m bored jar.”

  • Help with laundry (fold and put away, or start a new load)
  • Load/Unload the dishwasher
  • Wipe down counters and table
  • Sweep
  • Vacuum
  • Go for a walk
  • Search for clues and play Outfoxed
  • Play Connect Four
  • Play Go Fish
  • Be silly and play Silly Street
  • Play Guess Who
  • Make a paper airplane and see whose plane flies the farthest
  • Create a mask and take pictures
  • Make puppets and put on a puppet show
  • Weed a garden
  • Water the veggie garden
  • Read a book
  • Make your bed
  • Clean your room
  • Clean the playroom
  • Dust the living room

What Would You Add?

What do you think about this idea? Are there other chores you have your kids do around the house? Any other boredom busters? Share your thoughts on what you’d like to see in an I’m bored jar. 

Getting Your Kid Ready for School

I am here to let you in on a little secret—kids learn through play! So let your kids play this summer. Throw in some meaningful play that requires them to think and follow directions. I can’t stress enough how important it is to follow directions!

Learning to Read

As a pre-k teacher, I watch it happen almost every year, but to see the transition in my own kid is amazing, heartwarming, phenomenal, I’m running out of words to describe the feeling.

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