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Simple Tricks to Those New Resolutions

Simple Tricks to Those New Resolutions

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Slowly Stepping Into New Resolutions

It’s 2020. Are you kidding me? It’s 2020? Where in the world has time gone? It’s another new year, and apparently, another new decade. With a new year comes new resolutions. No, I do not subscribe to taking resolutions anymore, but I completely understand the idea of starting fresh as soon as a specific date hits. One big obstacle I’ve always seemed to struggle with is my weight. Yes, I’m a six-foot, five-inch man that sees his own body in a way that always leaves me wanting something more. Say, Ryan Reynolds, for example. Yes, I’ve seen men running down the street and thought, “Yeah, I’d like a stomach like that.”

So, enter the New Year and we have a variety of emails, advertisements, and mailings that sing, “Start the New Year with [blank]!” Well, when it comes to weight loss, gain, or keeping steady, it’s not always easy for those that enjoy a beverage or two from time to time. Meghan and I recently have taken to flavored seltzer as a go-to. Yes, Meghan enjoys her vodka and seltzer, but we’ve recently added flavored bubbly to wine. We’re creating our own spritzers at home, and you know what, it’s not bad at all. We’ll have less wine in our glass, which means we’ll drink less. If we drink less, it means we have more for a longer period of time. If we have more for a longer period of time, we’re spending less money on that splendid grape “juice.”

Small Changes Make a Difference

As with any New Year’s resolution, it’s not easy to tackle any of it. Change doesn’t always happen overnight. But, if you can take your time and realize that change can happen slowly, then maybe diving into a new diet or way of life will be simpler. If you are trying a new diet, for example, WW (Weight Watchers), then you can feel good knowing that a glass of Franzia Pinot Grigio is only 3 points. If you pour less, add seltzer, then you’re saving even more points. Is changing one thing going to be what makes all the difference in the world? Probably not. But why not try something that will make things easier. If you enjoy wine (or vodka or rum), then wine not spritz it up. It might give you something small to look forward to at the end of the long day or week.

With something as simple as changing the way you have a beverage, just imagine what else is possible. If you want to save money from going to Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks, make your coffee at home. I once drank my coffee black without anything. Then, slowly and surely, my coffee has turned into a sweet concoction that rarely sees anything less than cream, sugar, and coffee flavors. If you’re looking to cut costs with coffee or tea, try prepping those drinks at home. My former employer had a Starbucks nearby, which meant I was constantly upping my rewards card with cash to buy coffee. Now, to cut costs, it’s very few and far between when we go out for coffee. Sometimes, the little things add up and that’s how we’ve found ways to survive on one income.

What Resolutions Are You Tackling?

So, coffee and wine. Two items that we have in our lives, and we find ways to save money. We buy coffee in bulk, boxed wine is in our fridge, and we constantly find ways to tweak our grocery lists. Yes, change might seem like it will take time, especially if you’re trying to adjust your diet or save money. No, it doesn’t have to sour your mood every day, because it’s overwhelming at times to think about.

What resolutions have you introduced to start the new year? Are you looking to start healthier eating habits or save money? Share what things have inspired you to make change this year. As always, don’t forget to head over to our social media pages to follow us (please).

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