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Ugh! How to Avoid LICE from Dreaded Outbreak at School!

Ugh! How to Avoid LICE from Dreaded Outbreak at School!

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Avoiding Lice with Kids in School?

We all know about lice, and NO ONE wants it. Am I right? But with school age children, it is a reality we are all threatened with. I’m sitting here scratching my head as I type this, because ick, lice are gross and just the mention of the little creepy crawlies can send you scratching.

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to be faced with head lice in your household, you know what I am talking about and you NEVER want to go through it again! I can’t even begin to tell you how many loads of laundry I did after my kids picked it up at daycare. I’m traumatized to this day and it was over a year ago! But, I did learn about some pretty amazing products to help treat and prevent lice from happening again. Of course, nothing is 100% effective, but if there’s a chance we don’t have to go through that again, sign me up!

How to Treat Lice

First thing you have to do when you find the bugs or nits (good luck!) is treat the child. You may also want to just treat everyone while you are at it. Head to the store and pick up a lice treatment shampoo. Then you need to sit and comb out ALL the bugs and nits. But, while you are waiting the necessary time on the treatment, you will want to get started on that laundry.

Anything that can be washed, wash on HOT. So, by anything, I mean all bedding, towels, clothing, etc. Anything that can’t go in the washer, put in a huge garbage bag to be secluded for 24-72 hours. In our case, some stuff is still in the bags and it would probably be safe to toss it in the trash or donate, since no one is missing it. Lice need a host to live, and if they are sealed in a bag, they can’t get to a host. Things like sofas and chairs get vacuumed or treated with a spray-on lice treatment specifically made for furniture and rugs.

How to Avoid Lice

Second thing you should think about is preventing those suckers from ever coming back! We use the fairytales hair care line and so far, knock on wood, we’re critter free! You may even want to talk to your kids about basic hygiene practices, like not sharing brushes, combs, hats, or hair accessories.

Final Winey Parent Step for Lice

And lastly, grab a glass of wine and a hair brush and play with your kids’ hair. While you are there, do a quick visual check for evidence. They won’t know what you are up to, but you will be able to head off any infestations early by frequent checks. Cause lice is NEVER fun, the wine just makes it that much less disgusting to do.

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