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Meal Planning in a Pinch: Looking for Recipes

Meal Planning in a Pinch: Looking for Recipes

Meal Planning Disaster

With warmer weather in the forecast and the desire to use the oven decreasing, I want to reach out to our readers for new recipes to go on our meal planning board. Also, our extra freezer died recently and I’m trying to pull as many recipes as possible that doesn’t require the “pull out of freezer” or “dump [X] frozen meat into the crockpot.”

Meal Planning in a Pinch

As we all know, meal planning isn’t always the easiest thing to maintain. We have kids, jobs, chores, errands, and everything else under the sun that keeps us busy. So, with this recent disaster of losing our freezer, I’m hoping to find some new (fairly healthy) recipes that require less meats, since we don’t have the same storage space anymore. And with our garden prepped, we’re hoping to have plenty of fresh vegetables to add to our meal planning board (minus the cost of buying from the grocery store!).

So, what are some of our basic go-to lunch and dinner options for our family recently, keeping in mind we don’t always eat the same?

  • For the kids
    • Pasta, PBJ, black bean/corn and cheese tacos, egg salad sandwiches, quesadillas, omelets
  • For us
    • Various salads, omelets, veggie and hummus wraps, tuna salad, egg salad

Join the Meal Planning Fray

What are some recipes you regularly use that don’t require much or any meat? Do you have a preference on using the oven, crockpot, or grill during the warmer seasons? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and don’t forget to join our Facebook community for more of our parenting adventures.

DIY Meal Planning Board

This simple DIY project will make your day-to-day meal prep much easier. One side lists what you'll be making, while the back of the index card lists ingredients and directions.

How to Save Money on Food

The biggest area of our budget that we have been able to save money is on our food budget. If you ever get a chance to sit down and look at how much you spend on food, you might be surprised. Those occasional nights of take out or dining out really add up.

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